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NEW YORK – April 10, 2024 – Four students from the University of Florida will receive the 2024 Jack Koten Page Principles Case Study Award, sponsored by Page and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR). Their submission analyzed how Mattel regained control over Barbie’s cultural narrative and pivoted the doll into the feminist figure the brand wanted her to be, and the impact of the campaign on stakeholders. Winners Rebecca Wolff, Mariela Dothe-Marcial, Chloe Oakes, and Katrina White will be sharing more about their case at an upcoming virtual event. They will also have the chance to discuss their case topic with Catherine Frymark, EVP of Corporate Communications at Mattel. Their faculty advisor is Pat Ford.

The Case Study Competition awards students whose original case studies best contribute to the profession's body of knowledge and provide practical suggestions for improving corporate communication as a function. This year's competition drew 39 entries, 29 from communications schools and 10 from business schools, from 19 educational institutions across the United States, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The winning submission, “Were Mattel’s Efforts Kenough?” analyzes Mattel’s strategy to reposition the Barbie brand in the minds of consumers as part of the live-action movie released in 2023. Mattel’s iconic Barbie doll has been a cornerstone of American pop culture since its launch in 1959, but controversy over Barbie’s prior lack of inclusivity and unrealistic standards for women cast a shadow over the doll’s reputation. The students explored how Mattel successfully transformed Barbie and recontextualized the brand for future generations of fans. They also assess the impact of the campaign on stakeholders, as well as evaluate it in accordance with the Page Principles.

“We are thrilled to honor Rebecca, Mariela, Chloe, and Katrina along with their academic advisor, Pat Ford, with the Koten Award for their thoughtful work on this case study,” said Dr. Tina McCorkindale, president and CEO of IPR. “This timely and relevant case demonstrates that when corporations listen to and act on their stakeholders' evolving interests, it can reinvigorate a brand and expand its customer base.”

“Today’s stakeholders expect businesses to speak to and reflect the society in which they operate,” Page President Roger Bolton said. “This winning case study highlights the initiatives that businesses today must take in order to evolve with society and promote diversity and inclusivity. I hope that the lessons from this case study become an important resource for strategic communication leaders worldwide.”

In addition to the overall grand prize, other winners include: 1st place: Ball State University for their case about Bud Light, “Cracking Open A Case: The Anheuser-Busch Response to Bud Light Boycott;”
2nd place: DePaul University for “Adidas Says BYE: Adidas Drops Partnership with Ye.”

To read the winning submissions and to find more information about the competition, please visit:

The annual competition is judged by a panel comprising Page members, Page Up members, and IPR Trustees. Judges for this year’s competition included:

Elizabeth Ananto, Trisakti University
Pierre Goad, Goad Partners LLP
Scott Kronick, Ogilvy PR
Vilma Luoma-aho, University of Jyvaskyla
Bevin Maguire, Applied Materials
Cortney Stapleton, The Bliss Group
Michele Mazur, Labcorp
Susan Henderson, Henderson Consulting, LLC
Amy Chiconas , Vibrantz Technologies
Emily Garbaccio, American International Group (AIG)
Emily Russel, Electronic Arts
Gautham Appaya, Wabtec Corporation
Geoff Curtis, Marshall Curtis Communications
Jennifer Nelson, Prologis
Kristin Tetreault, Dollar Tree
Larry Parnell, George Washington University
Natalie Tindall, University of Texas at Austin
Nina Reinhardt, RXO
Whitney Eichinger, Southwest Airlines
Beth Toal, St. Luke's Health System
Doshia Stewart, Allegion
Gary Sheffer, Boston University
Jason Dressel, History Factory
Katerina Tsetsura, University of Oklahoma
Linda Mills, The Clorox Company
Raoul Bhavnani, Betterment
Arwa Husain, Adfactors PR Private Limited
Karen Cho, Randstad NV
Brian Moriarty, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
Jeff Shelman, U.S. Bancorp
Kristen Thistle, UnitedHealth Group
Matthew Yi, Blue Shield of California
Molly Steinkrauss, The Clorox Company
Carolina Mata, Integral
James Smith-Plenderleith, Johnson & Johnson
Nancy Fitzsimmons, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Bryan DeAngelis, Penta
Gabrielle Poshadlo, Ford Motor Company
Jackie Hartzell , Ally Financial
James Beechinor-Collins, Highwire
Jason Greenspan, The Grossman Group
Matt Kucharski, Padilla
Sara Banda, L3 Harris Technologies
LaShonda Eaddy, Penn State University

About the Jack Koten Page Principles Case Study Award

As the first chair of Page, Jack Koten was among the founding members who extracted from Arthur Page's lifetime of work the set of defining values that we know today as the Page Principles. These Principles not only serve as criteria for this competition but also as a guide for Page members in their daily work. Jack personified the belief that businesses should operate honestly and honorably, and with unwavering integrity.

Upon his passing in 2014, Jack bequeathed funds to Page that its Board of Trustees voted to use to fund in perpetuity the annual Case Study Competition grand prize, which that year was renamed the Jack Koten Page Principles Case Study Award.

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