Page members build crucial peer relationships while learning with and from the world’s foremost leaders and thinkers in corporate communication. Below is an overview of key membership benefits:

An unrivaled global network

Page is the only association focused specifically on the most senior communicators from around the world, making our global community the only one of its kind. To be in Page is to belong to an elite and influential group that is shaping the future of our profession.

As we all benefit from the broadest array of knowledge, ideas, backgrounds and experiences, we continue to increase the diversity of our membership and contributors to all of our events and programs. Being a part of this community means you’ll have access to practical, real-time advice from any of our members. 

World-class events

We enable peer-to-peer member engagement opportunities through virtual, in-person and hybrid programs. 

Our conferences offer global discussions of leading-edge ideas and challenges, high level best practice sharing and world class networking. We also offer shorter programs that focus on timely and relevant content and member-to-member dialogue, as well as some smaller, more informal networking events. 

Transformational thinking 

Page research, reports and other content prepare members and their teams to lead effectively through the challenges they and their enterprises face. Because Page thinking is derived from the insights and experiences of its community, Page is uniquely able to chart and shape the future of the profession.

We publish groundbreaking research reports, offer practical how-to guides, feature best-in-class case studies and share exclusive thinking through member-only newsletters, New CCO podcast and our Page Turner blog.

Leadership and skills development for your team

To help members’ teams advance and prepare the CCOs of the future, we offer Page members several programs for their teams.

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