"I will have lived in seven cities across three countries and two continents by the end of 2024."
Aishik Barua
Director – Digital Experience & Insights
Phone: +1-917-951-1898

"My daughter, Taylor, and I
were the first father-daughter duo
ever to play baseball together
at the Cincinnati Reds Fantasy Camp."
Roger Bolton
Phone: +1-212-400-7959 x101

"I dance."
Dhaakira Braswell
Senior Event Manager, Professional Development
Phone: +1-917-669-7413

"I want to visit all 7 continents
by 2030!"
John "JT" Conway
Manager, Content Marketing
Phone: +1-630-864-0703

"I have lived in 8 different
citites in the U.S. in 5
different states."
Peter Debreceny
Vice President, International
Phone: +61-481-862-877

"When I was 8, I rescued an
injured baby bat and incidentally

also an injured baby squirrel, which made
for a very interesting few weeks for my
family with our new fosters."
Aashna Dhayagude
Senior HR/Finance Specialist
Phone: +1-703-303-5275

Marianna gave birth to a healthy
baby boy on March 2 and will be out
of the office until September.
Marianna Frantzis
Senior Director, Membership
Phone: +1-212-400-7959 x107

"I play 7 instruments."
Carmella Glover
Vice President, Head of DE&I at Page and DAA President
Phone: +1-609-464-1215

"I majored in fashion in college, and my
first job in NYC was in that industry.
I very quickly found out it was not
for me! (after getting fired within 6 weeks!)"
Kelly Greene
Chief of Staff
Phone: +1-843-743-8500

"I love biking, beer and hanging
out with my babies."
Jerrick Haddad
Director of Digital Content Strategy
Phone: +1-646-715-7012

"My favorite animal is a sea turtle."🐢
Omar Howard
Manager, Member Services
Phone: +1-332-330-0966 x803

"My husband and I are both twins."
Lauren Kramon
Director, Events
Phone: +1-201-892-7862

"I like to work out."
Anne Matthews
Executive Assistant to the President and Office Manager
Phone: +1-212-400-7959 x103

"My life goal is to never
run a marathon."
Eliot Mizrachi
Vice President, Strategy & Content
Phone: +1-201-562-7778

"My little brother and I were born
on the same day, but 14 years apart.
Manuela Murillo
Marketing & Communications Specialist

"I've been on a health kick the past
several years, but I'll never turn down
a taco or pack of peanut M&Ms!"
Stephanie Salgado
Manger, Membership Services
Phone: +1-219-809-2942

"I thought I'd never be a cat parent,
but my wife convinced me otherwise.
I can do more than three backflips

in a row."
Shahil Shrestha
Senior Manager, Data Analytics & Insights
Phone: +1-212-400-7959 x117

"I know every single line to
Legally Blonde: The Musical."
Mia Skwiot
Community & Communications Manager

"I am an avid strategy boardgamer."
Dan Strouhal
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: +1-347-450-7680

"I danced flamenco professionally
from ages 3-23 and performed in
one of the biggest theaters in
Latin America several times!"
Anabella Tinoco
Vice President, Communications and Marketing
Phone: +1-646-301-1621

"I was 2nd place in my 5th grade
spelling bee."
Errick Towns
Senior Manager, International Affairs
Phone: +1-301-806-2431

"Former colleaguess called me the
diva of après-ski."
Helen Wildvank
International Member Experience Associate
Phone: +31-0-613132439