Future Leaders Experience

Page's Future Leaders program is a two-year learning experience designed to prepare high-potential communications executives from among Page members' teams for one of the most challenging corporate positions – that of the chief communications officer. No other program focuses on the essential knowledge and skills required to assume the most senior corporate communications position.

Participants meet for six sessions over two years, which allows them to build a robust network with peers from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The six extended learning modules around leadership, culture, societal value, CommTech, corporate brand and other topics are convened by Page members, who invite leading experts to present in each of the topic areas. Classes engage participants through interactive discussions, case studies and thought leadership. 

For questions about the program, please contact Dhaakira Braswell at dbraswell@page.org.

What other past participants say about FLE:

The Page FLE program is by far the best professional development experience I have personally encountered. The quality of the programming is top-notch and the network you can build with peers across industries is priceless. It’s truly a rich and valuable experience. - Chris Mainz, Southwest Airlines, FLE Class of 2021-2022

As the Communications profession is changing faster than ever, being part of the FLE program has been a great privilege. I got to further my knowledge about the industry from subject matter experts and engage in conversations on global themes.  The speakers are real and authentic and you really get to build lifelong friends that you can draw from at any time in your career – a brilliant experience! - Umayma Abubakar, Mubadala, FLE Class of 2021-2022

FLE has taken my career to the next level. It’s given me the opportunity to take a step back from my day-to-day work and think more strategically and purposefully about communications. The community is incredibly valuable and gives you a peer network to test run ideas and collaborate. I can’t imagine a better way to more naturally build important relationships and gather the intel I’ll need for my continued growth. - Mark LaVoie, Prosek Partners, FLE Partners 2021-2022

The professional connections and personal friendships I have made from the FLE program have been invaluable. It was especially helpful during the COVID-19 crisis to have colleagues across multiple firms and industries to collaborate and consult with in real-time. Highly recommend the program. - Jeff Mochal, LPL, Financial, FLE Class of 2019-2020

The Future Leaders program has provided invaluable insights into our shared communications challenges and opportunities that we face every day. By the end of the FLE program, you will think differently about everything as it relates to the power of communications. This program isn’t just about innovation or management—you learn by engaging with experts that being an effective communications leader combines humanity, empathy, foresight, and adaptability to change. Mary Liz Burns, AARP, FLE Class of 2019-2020