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Page membership offers many benefits, including belonging to the premier community of senior communication executives from around the world, building relationships with the most knowledgeable, influential and innovative global leaders in enterprise communications and shaping the future and giving back to the profession by contributing to Page research.

Membership Overview

Becoming a member

Membership is granted to individuals who meet the membership criteria, not the companies they represent. Criteria vary by membership category and there is a separate nomination form and different dues for each. One does not apply for membership, but rather must be nominated by two or more active members of Page and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Membership eligibility

Page Up Membership

Page Up is a membership organization for the most senior communication leaders in Page members’ teams. They enjoy many of the benefits of Page, like access to an elite network, world-class events, learning and engagement opportunities.

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Membership Renewal

Membership FAQs

Common questions about Page and Page Up membership.

Membership FAQs

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