Page helps members to connect and share insights on the many challenges facing their organizations, fresh thinking and useful tools, plus several programs to help develop their teams. You can read more about the membership benefits here.

Page’s membership criteria ensure it remains an exclusive assembly of the very best and brightest of the profession. Our members share in common a desire to learn from one another’s experiences and challenges and live by the Page Principles.

The Page mission is to strengthen the impact of chief communication officers and their teams and to lead the profession into the future.

We advance this mission by embracing the highest professional standards, advancing the way that communications is understood, practiced and taught, and providing a collegial and dynamic learning environment.



Our purpose is to create community among the world’s senior communication leaders to help them improve business and society.

We believe that the CCO has the opportunity and responsibility to ensure that organizations operate honestly, responsibly and respectfully toward all stakeholders. By defining and activating corporate character, the CCO helps the enterprise earn public trust, protect reputation and preserve its license to operate. Strong CCO leadership ensures companies not only succeed financially, but contribute to the benefit of society, as well.

Our Vision is to be the global organization with the most pioneering thinking and influence on communication leadership.


Background & History

Page was founded in 1983 and was named after Arthur W. Page, who served as vice president of public relations for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company from 1927 to 1946. He was the first public relations executive to serve as an officer and member of the Board of Directors of a major public corporation. He, more than any other, laid the foundation for the current strategic role of the CCO.

More About Arthur Page & His Philosophy of Public Relations 

Historical Perspective