APRIL 7, 2017 – NEW YORK – The following statement, issued in response to recent statements, assertions and actions regarding the practice of public communications, was approved this week by the 36-member Board of Trustees of the Arthur W. Page Society:

"The Arthur W. Page Society is rooted in the Page Principles, the first of which is 'Tell the truth.' As communicators, our duty is to deal honestly in facts, even when they are inconvenient. Truth is not dead, as some may fear. It remains, as ever, the foundation of credibility and the lifeblood of trust. On behalf of the members of the Page Society, we reaffirm our deep commitment to ensuring truth in the practice of public communication.

"Corporations, governments, non-governmental organizations and media don't get everything right. But all of us must share a commitment to the facts and the pursuit of the truth. Distorting information, withholding the truth or promulgating falsehoods violates the public's trust and denies its rightful opportunity to be engaged and informed. This is precisely why democratic societies require a free and fair press. In this respect, our profession is intertwined with journalism.

"The Page Society declares its support for journalists and public relations professionals who fearlessly fight for the truth, bring facts to light and hold government, business and other institutions accountable."

About the Arthur W. Page Society

The Arthur W. Page Society is a professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives who seek to enrich and strengthen their profession. Membership consists primarily of chief communications officers (CCOs) of Fortune 500 corporations, the CEOs of the world's largest public relations agencies, and leading academics from top business and communications schools. With more than 700 members in over 20 countries, the Page Society enables members to develop professional relationships with the most knowledgeable, influential and innovative global leaders in enterprise communications. Members also participate in producing thought leadership that is shaping the understanding of the value and role of corporate communications, and are able to take advantage of professional development opportunities for their staff. The Page Society is dedicated to strengthening the enterprise leadership role of the CCO. For more information, please visitwww.awpagesociety.com.

Alyssa Camacho