NEW YORK – August 14, 2019 — Page, the premiere global professional association for senior corporate communications executives, announced today that Bob Feldman, vice chair of ICF Next, has been named as the 2019 recipient of its Distinguished Service Award. Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award have strengthened the role of corporate communications and public relations in business and society through service to the profession. Feldman will formally receive this honor at the Page Annual Conference on September 16, 2019, in Boston.

“Bob is tirelessly committed to developing the next generation of communications leaders and preparing them to meet the challenges that lie ahead for our profession,” said Bill Nielsen, former VP of corporate communications at Johnson & Johnson and chair of the Page Honors Committee. “Few have given as much back to the profession as Bob. His invaluable service to the profession over an equally prolific career makes him especially deserving of this honor.”

Feldman serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, where he teaches graduate-level courses on corporate reputation. He has taught and mentored many graduate students, some of whom are now leaders in both Page and Page Up. He is a recipient of the Legacy Award from the Plank Center recognizing his lifelong commitment to mentoring.

During his nearly 20 years in Page, Feldman has given selflessly of his time and resources to develop educational opportunities for communications leaders. He serves on the Page Professional Development committee and has been a longtime convener of classes for the Future Leaders Experience, organizing and hosting multi-day learning programs for high-potential communicators. He also co-chaired the Page Skills & Capabilities Subcommittee, which has identified the new skills communicators need to succeed in today’s dynamic corporate environment. This work led to his becoming the driving force behind the Page Learning Lab, a unique online learning program designed to deliver this knowledge to Page and Page Up members and their teams. 

“Bob is a revered communications leader and lifelong educator, and has still devoted countless hours to volunteer for Page and many other organizations,” said Chair of the Page Board of Trustees Aedhmar Hynes. “He is sharp, persuasive and always a source of fresh thinking. His impact on the profession and service to it will reverberate for a long time.”

Previously, Feldman was the first head of corporate communications and corporate marketing at DreamWorks Animation SKG and served as chief executive officer of WPP’s GCI Group. He serves on the Page Board of Trustees and was chair of the 2018 Annual Conference.

Previous recipients of the Page Distinguished Service Award include Sandra Macleod, CEO, Echo Research; Jim O’Rourke, professor, Management & Corporate Communication, Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame; Aedhmar Hynes, former CEO of Text100; and Frank Ovaitt of the Institute for Public Relations (retired).

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