With political forces putting greater scrutiny on corporate actions and engagement on societal issues, companies find themselves under pressure amongst a divided population.  As the general election gets underway, we explored the current state of the election and expectations for businesses in addressing key issues. 

Replay our Think Thursday (log in required) with Jason McGrath, EVP and Head of Corporate Reputation at Ipsos, and Jennifer Bender, Associate Partner at Ipsos Strategy3, to hear their thoughts on the implications the data has on American businesses.

Ipsos and Page Society : Navigating Political Minefields
Special thanks to Jason McGrath and Jennifer Bender
Agenda: Landscape, Forecast, and Implications
Agenda Item One: Landscape
Populism remains strong, feeling that the "system is broken" is widespread
Most Americans feel frustrated with the "system"
Extremism/threats to democracy is now the most important issue for Americans
The main issue can and does shift
Consumer confidence still middling as inflation eases
President Biden's approval remains low
Americans are sour on Trump and Biden
The 2024 election is still roughly a tie
Most Americans have stable political opinions
The economy, crime, immigration are top issues among Trump voters
Politics influences thinking about almost everything
Public more confident in the leaders of major companies over leaders of executive branch
Americans think the government and brands/companies should share the burden when it comes to social issues
Political beliefs affect some companies' brand perception
Agenda Item Two: Forecast
A poll does NOT EQUAL a forecast
Trump (Red Wave) Scenario In-depth
Biden (Blue Wave) Scenario Overview
Models, Academics, Experts and Aggregators
Potential trajectories for the next 8 months
Potential outcomes for 2024
Agenda Item Three: Implications & Strategy
The 2024 election cycle will create a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, both for consumers and brands
Commonalities are just as important as differences in scenario planning
As an illustrative example, we've created a high-level scenario for each of these extremes
Biden (Blue Wave) Scenario In-depth
Trump (Red Wave) Scenario Overview
Scenarios are not predictions of the future
Despite polarization, businesses are still seen as a having a responsibility to address societal problems
CCO as the PACE-setter
Final Slide