About the Event

“Window on the World” is a series of webinars led by the Page membership in Japan that is open to anyone working in the communications or related fields in Japan or around the world. We aim to offer useful and actionable insights to help communicators based in global organizations in Japan deal with some of the significant disruptive shifts that are occurring in our world today. 

Webinar 2: Dealing with a new world of ‘Nuance’
Date: 10:00 am Japan Standard Time, 20 October, 2020

How companies are responding to social unrest and the resulting communications minefield
The Black Lives Matter movement has reignited important debates that need to happen around race and equality in our world, especially at its epicenter in the US. The result of this has been what some call the deal of ‘nuance’ and many companies are having to face up how to communicate in such a sensitive and highly emotionally charged atmosphere in the US.

How can companies both protect their brands and also show genuine solidarity for their employees and customers during these times? Should companies take positions on these issues at all? How should companies based in Asia that are not used to taking stands on social issues deal with this?

These questions and more will be answered by a panel of experts including: 
Takako Ohyabu, CCO, Takeda 
Dan Lochmann, Head of Global Communications, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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