About the Event

The Page and Page Up Annual Conferences will be held in September and October respectively. You can find brief details below:

Page Annual Conference [For Page members]
September 23 - 25 / Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, California, United States

Intentional Innovation: How CCOs Build Trust in our Changing World

The conveyor belt of world-changing technologies is speeding up, spurring an unprecedented wave of innovation that spans geographies and industries. The rate of change is putting greater pressure on CCOs to play to our strengths and lead by making sense of the business environment, anticipating change, and engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders who have high expectations of our brands. The CCO innovator of this era can significantly influence an organization’s ability to drive profitable growth, deliver more compelling customer experiences, and make lasting contributions to society.  

At this year’s Page Annual Conference, we welcome members from around the world to join us just outside of Silicon Valley, arguably the epicenter of innovation. We will explore our role in a world where technology and trust intersect more profoundly than ever before. We will gain appreciation for the importance of looking around corners to stay relevant and competitive, while being attuned to the potential risks presented by new technologies. We will discuss decision-making at the executive and board room tables that contemplates innovation, shareholder returns, and societal impact, all while navigating a global election year. It has never been more exciting to be a CCO today with an eye on tomorrow. We have a profound opportunity to help our organizations matter more to the world than they ever have.

Page Up Annual Conference [For Page Up members]
October 23 - 25 / Boston Marriott Long Wharf, Massachusetts, United States

Living in Parallel Worlds

Society talks a lot about polarization, but as senior communicators, we’re really living in parallel worlds. Heartbreaking tragedy and uplifting joy. Analog and digital. Liberal and Conservative. Global and local. Agency and Corporate. We are tasked with moving seamlessly between them and, at times, serving as a bridge. It’s the constant challenge and the source of tremendous satisfaction. It requires perspective, empathy, balance, and no shortage of patience. We need to constantly update and refresh our skills and resources to live in these worlds. Join us where we will talk about all of these worlds we live in. Through connection and conversation, we’ll help each other find success for our brands and each other.