About the Event

Theme: Where to From Here? Raising the Bar for the Post-COVID CCO

We have all been waiting for the world to go back to normal since the COVID-19 crisis began last year. However, it is now clear that there is no going back to the world as we knew it.  Our companies, our work and our expectations of work have changed, and, in many instances, that change has been dramatic. Every business’s responsibility to society has intensified, and employees are demanding much more from their organizations—regardless of sector. 

To meet these new expectations, communicators have helped their organizations set a higher bar to survive in this new world. How are we holding up to the new standards that we have set? Do we have the resources to keep it up? How high can, or should, the bar be raised?

This year’s conference will explore the changing societal landscape, the new demands emerging from the chief executive and employees as well as our external stakeholders, and discuss the practical steps communicators around the globe are taking to meet the challenges of a post-COVID world.