About the Event

Our Time to Step Up: Navigating the New, New Normal The global pandemic and unrest over racial inequality have put role of business as a societal actor front and center. The pandemic is changing everything from global business, monetary policy, and supply chain management to how we live, work, and communicate. Enterprises are committing themselves to eradicating systemic racism and inequality. People are increasingly polarized by media echo chambers that undermine the common set of facts required by a democratic system - a reality intensified by the U.S. elections. We are in uncharted waters. The stakes and complexity of this moment require leadership from communicators in helping navigate uncertainty. We are reinventing our enterprises to make them more resilient. We are shaping the policies and communications that protect our people and keep them engaged. We are rethinking culture and how our enterprises create positive value for society.  The challenge is real. The opportunity is now. We need to evolve from communicators to business leaders - will you step up?