Financial Services/Asset Management Firms

·       Size and scale: Traditional Asset managers with more than $150 billion, and alternative asset managers with more than $25 billion in assets under management (AUM), having complex operations and ‎a substantial employee base can be considered. Ideal members are asset managers and alternative asset managers (hedge funds and private equity firms) that are in the top 10 in size and scale on the league tables.

·       Complexity of position: The member under consideration should hold the top communications position globally and have a multi-dimensional position across all communications—including external and internal communications, executive communications, issues and crisis and public affairs— and preferably reports to the CEO or founder.

·       Quality of individual: Once the above criteria are met, the individual will be evaluated in terms of their past roles, contributions to the profession, industry reputation and interest in engagement with Page.

High-Growth Industries

To qualify for this exception, the company must have a) importance to the economy in creating new approaches and new business opportunities, possibly disrupting existing business models; b) a significant communications executive with broad responsibilities, who is dealing with complex issues similar to those facing CCOs of standard eligible companies; and c) a market value equal to or greater than that of the average $2 billion-revenue company, which is currently about $2 billion.

No other exception criteria currently exist. However, the Board of Trustees may make exceptions to company revenue on a case-by-case basis.