I changed roles and/or organizations. Do I still qualify to continue my membership? 

Does your current role and organization qualify under the criteria of one of our five membership categories? If yes, then you will have to be switched to the new category and would have to renew at the relevant dues level. Even if you do not meet our standard criteria, you are still able to remain a member for another year. As background, the policy adopted by the Board in 2011 is that members who leave their qualifying positions can renew once while in non-qualifying roles, but would not be able to renew a second time unless they had moved into a new qualifying role. You may, however, be able to continue beyond the one-year grace period if you qualify for continuous membership.

What is continuous membership? Am I eligible for it?

 -  If you joined before June 29, 2011:

Current members, who joined Page before June 29, 2011, will continue to enjoy membership-for-life, as long as they remain continuous members in good standing.

- If you joined after June 29, 2011:

Page members who joined or re-joined after June 29, 2011 are eligible to apply for continuous membership if they have more than seven years of service in Page-qualifying positions, meaning positions that qualify under any of our membership categories even prior to joining Page. Continuous membership entitles a member to continue to renew membership annually even after leaving a qualifying position. A member must renew at the dues level for which s/he was most recently approved, unless s/he also would like to seek membership reclassification. To reclassify for a different category, the member must meet current requirements for that category.

The Membership Committee will review the requests for continuous membership and make recommendations based on professional accomplishments, the individual's role as a thought leader, attendance at Page events and conferences, financial support and committee activities.

In response to a continuous membership request, at its sole discretion, the Board may waive the seven-year requirement for any Board Member in recognition of her or his extraordinary service. Hall of Fame members, Distinguished Service Award recipients and past Chairs of Page's Board of Trustees will always automatically qualify for continuous membership.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a request, please contact Marianna Frantzis at mfrantzis@page.org; 212-400-7959 Ext. 107.