Below are the remarks given by Aedhmar Hynes, CEO of Text100 and Chair of Page at the 2018 Spring Seminar in New York City where she shared the new Page brand and told the story behind it. You can also watch her remarks here and at the end of this post.

The power of communications has never been more evident than in the last few months. Our children are leading movements for change. Communications has put sexual harassment and violence at center stage after so many years of silence. Our social networks are connecting billions around the world but are also being used to serve other agendas. And, of course, the world now seemingly hangs on the power of a single Tweet.

As news media sources dwindle and become more polarized, the “marketplace of ideas” is replaced with “echo chambers” that validate one’s beliefs rather than expanding their understanding of others. This mindset is leading to a lack of trust in public institutions and social intolerance. It has also made the job of communications a matter of global public service.

As communicators, we are at the center of helping business to succeed in this complex environment. Our role as strategic advisor to leadership becomes more vital as the need to understand and reflect different stakeholder interests and perspectives grows. Someone must drive “conscience” into business and politics. Someone must build authenticity and trust in a climate that is increasingly demanding conscious capitalism. To borrow a phrase…if not us, who? If not now, when?

Against this backdrop, our Board of Trustees felt it was the right time to reflect on Page, its brand and what this organization can mean to this fast-changing world.

When I was honored by you with the role of Page Chair late last year, I first set out to listen. I wanted to hear what Page means to you. So what follows isn’t what I’m telling you, but what you’ve told me. Through workshops, online surveys, dinners and casual conversations, you shared how quickly your roles are changing. How the demands are shifting…and how your opportunity to make an impact is bigger than ever.

I heard that there is one side of the role as a communications leader which is about keeping your head above water, with the relentless demands that we face. But there’s another side, where we see the power of communications to shape our world, and a desire to put that to work.

That effort takes courage…and this world requires a place where we can gather as community of communicators to summon it.

Page is the place.

Page is the place we come together.

Page is the place where we are reminded that it is our principles that guide us through these turbulent times.

Page is the place where we learn from each other.

Page is the place we gain inspiration.

Page is the place that challenges our thinking and empowers us to be more effective leaders.

Page is the place where we’re reminded of the impact that we can make individually in our organizations, and collectively when we work together.

Page is the place where we elevate our profession.

Page is the place.

Living up to that calling means that Page has to evolve with the times. This organization needs to reflect the changing world around it and influence it for the better. We must become more global, more diverse, more inclusive.

We’ve made progress in all of these areas, but there’s so much more to do. As we set out to continue that evolution, the Page brand must evolve as well. These last few months of listening and conversation have led us into a process of redefining and refreshing the Page brand for this era. So I’m pleased to give you a sneak preview into the new Page brand.


Exciting, isn’t it? The new Page brand will be reflected in many ways. It will launch on our Web site, and you’ll see it in our materials. But in keeping with the Page Principles, it will be reflected most prominently in the actions we take. You’ll see it in how we shape a more global, diverse and inclusive membership. It will come to life in our thought leadership, in what our point of view is, and how we express it. In the programs we offer, such as the Page Learning Lab, a new online, interactive learning experience for us and members of our teams.

You aspire to do more. And so Page must aspire as well. The communications profession has never been more essential. We have a responsibility to create connections and conversations that lead to understanding. We must lead the way in challenging tired perceptions and embracing different viewpoints. We have an ability to bring people together to problem solve, effect change on a global scale, and be the unifying force in a digitally connected world.

Page is the place. We unite the world’s best communicators to transform business for the better. Our responsibility has never been bigger….and the world has never needed us more.