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Page unites a growing group of the top communicators from around the world. As our numbers rise, we’re also evolving into a more dynamic organization. One that is more global and inclusive of a diversity of thought. One that brings members together to envision a new future for our profession and bring it to life. One that offers learning opportunities for members and their teams. Given all this great change, we took the opportunity late last year to re-examine the Page brand as well.   

Page chair Aedhmar Hynes and her team at Text100 led that rebranding process, which resulted in a new definition of what Page is and where it is going. So we asked her to sit down with us for The New CCO podcast and talk about the process itself, what came out of it and what it will mean for members and for the profession.

“To undertake a listening tour alongside my team was fantastic. But it was really important that we didn’t just listen to members in the U.S. - that would’ve been easy. We made sure that we were taking into consideration some of our colleagues in India, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as across mainland Europe, where we’re more established. The other piece that was important was not just to talk to members, but to get a perspective from non-members - those people who perhaps are eligible to become a part of Page, but had decided for whatever set of reasons not to become a part of Page. That was important as we reflect on how we need to evolve and make sure we are relevant to all potential members.”

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