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On April 17, 2018, Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 suffered an engine failure while making a trip from New York to Dallas, resulting in the tragic loss of one of the passengers. Thankfully, due to the heroic actions of the pilot, Tammie Jo Shults, and the crew, the plane successfully made an emergency landing in Philadelphia. 

In the face of tragedy, Tammie Jo and the rest of the Southwest team remained cool, calm, and collected. Ultimately, it was this spirit that drew widespread praise and recognition, even from the White House, for the way in which the situation was handled. 

On this edition of The New CCO, we speak with Linda Rutherford, SVP & CCO of Southwest Airlines, about that fateful day and the ensuing work she and her team did to balance the fun-loving Southwest Airlines brand with the proper respect and reflection the situation demanded. Linda discusses what that day was like for her and the mechanics of the immediate crisis management, Southwest’s strategy in the wake of the tragedy, and more. 

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