What an insightful and empowering week it was at our 2012 Annual Arthur W. Page Society Conference – from the world-class speakers to the simulation of the social enterprise that enabled us to talk among ourselves and work through different aspects of the New Model. From my discussions with fellow Page Society members, I was encouraged to hear lots of practical examples of corporate character and authentic advocacy at the heart of so many communications programs. It's undeniable evidence that the New Model is the foundation of communications in the social enterprise.

The conference reinforced that the role of the CCO has never been more important or more relevant. As the enterprise continues to evolve and become more social, it is crucial that we lead the way – not simply in terms of how we lead our communication function but also in leading how social and digital technologies can transform all business functions. We may only have been able to scratch the surface at the conference, but I've never been more encouraged about the change taking place in our profession or more optimistic about the progress being made in the industry.

One of the key themes in the presentations and our discussions was that of engagement. When we talk about engagement, we're referring to consistent, authentic engagement based on behavioral science, which as the New Model describes, can ultimately enable individuals to become advocates. To move beyond pushing out messaging, it's essential that we lead the way by enabling strategic engagement that drives activation internally and externally across the enterprise through thought provoking content. This is exactly what we did at the conference through the use of multiple forms of social technologies. After all, a brand is reflective of what it does, even more than what it says, and the same stands true with us as CCOs.

Last year's annual conference featured an application people could download to obtain the agenda and submit questions, but this year we took this a tremendous step forward. We combined the power of the app to create a firewalled Twitter stream enabling real-time dialogue among participants, while also utilizing the power of the Wizer system to engage with speakers and crowd source input on certain topics. We now have a wealth of information from both the app and the Wizer system; rich data that we can use to shape our thinking about the future of society. Remember, the site is open to feedback until September 30 if you'd like to add content to the Wizer platform. We will be sharing the data once we have it all collated. (Note: Page members were sent login credentials by email. If you are a Page member and do have not have this information, please email dstrouhal@awpagesociety.com.)

Please accept my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved with our 2012 annual conference – speakers, fellow Arthur Page Society members, Board Members and our volunteers. Only a year to go until our 30th annual conference!

By Aedhmar Hynes
Chair, Arthur W. Page Society 29th Annual Conference
CEO, Text 100