Data ownership questions, a shift to influencer marketing, the emergence of artificial intelligence - all evidence of a rapidly changing communications environment. And in that environment, it’s no secret that the most successful communicators will find ways to stay ahead of the curve, building teams and leveraging tools to usher their organizations into the future.

Page Society, in response to these emerging needs, has created The Page Learning Lab, a collaborative, online community of learners focused on building the skills of tomorrow’s senior communications leaders.


The world-class course content leverages the expertise of content recently developed for the communications functions of such companies as IBM, JPMorgan Chase, PepsiCo, Ketchum and Chevron. The leadership course was developed in conjunction with the widely admired Center for Creative Leadership. This means you can be assured the coursework is leading-edge and relevant for communications leaders who must constantly stay at the top of their game. In addition to engaging and insightful content, the online learning platform enables participants to discuss challenges, share experiences, and learn from their peers across industries and geographies. 

In 2018, the Page Learning Lab will offer three online, mobile-friendly courses, each available to Page members and senior members of their teams.

  • Disruptive Leadership: Building Teams that Drive Transformation
  • From Data to Insight: Analytics for Business Impact
  • Coherent Narratives: Telling Stories in a Fragmented World

This high-value professional development opportunity will cost your organization only $500 per course, per person. Our hope is that this pricing will make it possible for you to send most of your staff through at least one course this year.

Individuals from Page member companies, including members themselves, can enroll here. For more information about the Page Learning Lab, email