In case you couldn't join us at Annual Conference, here's a brief recap of Day 3 of the 2019 Page Annual Conference. See the Day 1 & Day 2 recaps as well.

How to Innovate Like Amazon | John Rossman, Author, The Amazon Way book series, Managing Partner, Rossman Partners

Amazon’s rapid growth into one of the world’s most valuable companies was fueled not simply by technological innovation but revolutionary management practices. In his new book, Think Like Amazon, former Amazon executive John Rossman describes a workplace driven by customer obsession and an unrelenting devotion to experimentation and risk-taking. Another hallmark of their culture is their practice of teams working together to write detailed narratives to describe new projects and having meetings start with 15 minutes of silence as people read them. 

The Digital CCO: The Role of CommTech in Shaping the Future of the Function | Dan Lochmann, Head of Global Communications, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. / Dave Samson, General Manager, Public Affairs, Chevron / Moderated by: Jon Iwata, Executive in Residence, Yale University, Page Thought Leadership Chair

In Page’s new Thought Leadership report, The CCO as Pacesetter, we formally introduce the notion of CommTech, a new approach to how we engage stakeholders and move from shaping their perceptions to influencing desired behaviors and outcomes. This session featured two cases of performance communications driven by CommTech, one using predictive analytics to foster advocacy, the other leveraging an advanced tech stack to drive business in new markets. As Dave Samson said, “CommTech gives you a lever to build advocacy and trust at scale.”

Navigating Radical Uncertainty: Culture, Strategy and Systems | Dr. Vikram Mansharamani, Global Trend-Watcher, Harvard University Lecturer, Author & Investor

We increasingly live in a world that demands the application of generalist principles in order to digest the socio-economic and political climate through multiple perspectives. Enter Dr. Mansharamani, who sees a potential demand-shock on the horizon for the global economy. Stemming from rapidly growing populations in Africa and India especially, outcomes could include food and energy shortages, as well as a global healthcare crisis. Similarly, some signs point to an imminent recession, and not simply because of the U.S. - China trade war.