By Kelly Greene ● May 17, 2024

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One big thing: Page Staff Offsite

Page team in ATL!🎉 

Two weeks ago we gathered in Atlanta, Georgia to reconnect and align as a full team.

🔑 Key takeaways:

* Many of us met Tiffany, Mia, and Manuela in person for the first time!

* We met with our new chairs, Kelli Parsons and Umayma Abubakar, and heard about their leadership journeys and what they hope to accomplish during their tenures.

*We heard an update on the 2023 staff survey, progress made, and the 2024 HR/Culture priorities.

*We brainstormed ideas for better delivering on the CCO member value proposition. Many of those ideas are coming to life through our agile teams working together over the next three months.

Why it mattered: Building personal connections and aligning on our goals is crucial for fostering a strong team culture and driving collaboration across departments and initiatives. We strengthened our relationships and had fun together, which made us feel more connected. This will help us care even more about the work we are doing together.

Also, the fact we spent focused time on practicing agility in our scenario-based activity underscores our commitment to staying agile in the rapidly changing business landscape.

*💡Our “Pagility” definition = “The ability to assemble small, multi-functional teams to work with speed and flexibility on projects as needed. At an individual team member level, this may require temporarily changing or adding to your work responsibilities.”👀 

Looking ahead: let’s continue to prioritize our relationships and care about each other, embodying our “Pagility” mindset as we navigate through the rest of the year.

Next steps:

* Roger is working closely with Lauren and Jennifer Temple (Page AC Chair) to plan a special opportunity for a select group of CCOs ahead of the Annual Conference. More to come on this.

* The Culture Club is incorporating feedback into its master plan (linked above) for the year and will roll out initiatives throughout the rest of the year.

* Five Page Up task forces have been formed to help carry out Umayma’s priorities. Three task forces have met and are off to the races. You’ll hear more about these soon.

* Bella sent instructions for the agile teams who should be meeting over the next three months. A team lead should be chosen and a simple project overview should be developed by May 24.Unaddressed ideas from the post-chair presentation team brainstorms will be discussed at our first "Page Hat" meeting in June. What is a “Page Hat” Meeting? The Leadership Team will meet bi-monthly to focus on key issues, approaching them from an organization-wide perspective rather than their specific department…with their “Page Hat” on!

🔗Offsite links:

*All decks, notes, and documents that have been collected so far are saved on the Server: HR - EMPLOYEE RESOURCES/Staff Offsite Meetings/2024 Offsite

* Check out the master deck here.

*Our post-offsite survey is live and in your inbox from Aashna — the survey will close next week on May 21.

*Most importantly, photos and videos can be found here. Note, that some are not suited for children 🤠
💡New Thought Leadership Report is Live!

Beyond Communication: CCO Leadership in Navigating New Complexity
Download the Report

Why it matters: As the business landscape shifts due to global disruptions and changing societal expectations, the chief communication officer (CCO) role is expanding and transforming.

*This is one of the major findings of our latest research report, Beyond Communication: CCO Leadership in Navigating New Complexity.

*In it, we analyze how the role has evolved in the five years since our last major report, The CCO as Pacesetter.

*Page’s Thought Leadership reports are a big deal, so we encourage you to share about it on LinkedIn!
📝Last two staff meeting recaps

New Tableau Dashboard for Staff

Here’s what we covered in our May 16 and April 18 staff meetings:

New Tableau Dashboard: Shahil previewed the above new dashboard. We will spend a few minutes at every staff meeting going over the highlights.

Spring Seminar Debrief: The Spring Seminar received a 4.6 out of 5 rating. Note, that this was previously reported higher in error. Dive deeper here.

Chair’s Council Meeting Debrief: The Chair’s Council is made up of current and former Page and Page Up chairs, Hall of Fame members, and Distinguished Service Award winners.

*They meet annually and we update them on progress from the previous year and any issues we may be grappling with.

* They are trusted advisors and we aim to use their wise counsel.

* We recently covered these topics with them: 2023 Review, 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, 2024 Operating Plan and Budget, and the New Thought Leadership Report.

Reminders and Announcements for staff:

* Update your KPIs on an ongoing basis.

* Set up your mid-year review with your supervisor.

* 🎉 The Page office will be closed on Memorial Day (May 27).

* 🌴 Summer Fridays begin Friday, May 24, and run through Friday, August 30. Here’s our policy

* 🩴 As many people will be out at certain times during the summer, we encourage you to please add your time off to the staff calendar for awareness. Thank you!

* Remember there is an optional no-meetings week from July 1-5. If possible, we encourage you to take a break from meetings and catch up on work. Note, that we are closed July 4-5!

* Dan’s next project management course is coming up on Tuesday, May 21 for those involved. Remember to do your homework!

* Eliot’s Thought Leadership series is coming up! The first one is on Thursday, May 23! Come one, come all!
What’s the Leadership Team (LT) focused on?

Two hands with one outstretched finger each touching the top and bottom of a bright lightbulb.

Mostly follow-ups from the offsite.

* Starting next week, they will be meeting every week. If you have any issues you would like to bring to them, please email By meeting more regularly they hope to be more disciplined around discussions and make decisions in a timelier way. On that note, we have guidelines for when and how to use our different day-to-day communication channels which relates to this and is a good reminder for all.


* One important thing that came out of the offsite is that the LT wants to regularly meet for a few hours bi-monthly to focus on issues that may require cross-functional teamwork and leadership. As mentioned above, they’re calling these “Page Hat” meetings as attendees will think of the organization as a whole rather than of their departments. Staff members will have access to these meetings on an as-needed basis if there is a particular issue that they may have a stake in.

* The LT is dedicated to these commitments as a reminder. If you have any suggestions or feel that the LT is not living up to any of them, please reach out to Kelly for discussion.
Staff News

Omar graduates!

Omar owning Columbia.

It’s not every day that one of our own graduates from an Ivy League! Big congrats to Omar on completing his Masters of Arts in Communication and Education from the Teachers College at Columbia University. We’re proud of you, Omar!
💛 Thank you to everyone for taking the time to invest in your colleagues and Page two weeks ago. We know that for many of you, time away from family and commitments is a big ask — we appreciate you!



By Kelly Greene ● Apr 17, 2024

Welcome to the first edition of Page Pulse, your source for the latest in our world.

> Each issue aims to inform you on important milestones and things coming up, past meetings you may have missed and want to get up-to-speed on and what the Leadership Team is focused on.
> Let us know what you think! Topic suggestions? Feedback? Hit reply or reach out to me at

🎉 Hope you enjoy our debut issue, and the many more to come…
1 big thing: 2024 staff offsite is in less than two weeks! 🎉

2023 Dream Team!
The staff offsite will focus on teambuilding, relationship building with our new chairs and advancing the 2024 HR and Culture priorities.

Why it matters: So we feel more connected and part of one cohesive team that works effectively together. And so we have fun together!

When: Tuesday, April 30 - Thursday, May 2 (*LT arrives Monday, April 29)

Where: The Whitley Hotel in Atlanta, GA

The agenda is dropping in your mailbox this week!!
2. 📝 Last staff meeting recap

Conference table
Here’s what we covered in our April 4 staff meeting:

Spring Seminar Quick Takes: The event in Paris was a success! So far, it’s been our highest rated Spring Seminar in the last decade - a 4.79 (out of 5) to be exact.

March 20 Board Meeting Debrief: If you want a deep dive on this, you can read the April board update.

The new Thought Leadership report will analyze how the role of the CCO has changed since 2020. The key findings of the report include:

1. The CCO is rising to the challenge

2. The CCO remit is expanding

3. Employees come to the fore

5 Technological advancement outpaces our ability to keep up

5. CCOs are stretched and leading teams not yet suited to new demands

On Page Up, Umayma presented her priorities to the board and it raised some questions about whether external audiences and Page members understand Page Up. We are forming a task force that will focus on how we might better activate the brand leveraging the work that was done on the new mission, purpose and narrative.

Weekly Email Digest: The Comms Team has piloted a new digest for our members as they are trying to send less emails while trying to engage more members!

KPI Tracker: This is up and running again thanks to Shahil as we are tracking our metrics on a monthly basis.All KPI leads should update the tracker by the first month of every month.The data team will flag anywhere we are falling behind for leadership and the full team.

2024-2026 Strategic Plan KPIs Brainstorm: We broke out into small groups that focused on these key goals

> Continue progress toward being a more international association

> Make the value of membership accessible through digital

> Use pioneering thinking to expand our sphere of influence

> Prepare CCOs and their teams to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

Full input on all seven goals of the new strategic plan can be found here

Next staff meeting agenda:
> Debrief Spring Seminar Survey Results
> Quick debrief on Chair’s Council meeting

🔗 Links to go:
> KPI Dashboard
> All staff meeting plan
3. Welcome to Page 👋

A welcome mat.

What’s New: This week we will welcome one new member to the Page Team!

Tiffany Cook: Learning & Engagement Manager (taking over Natalie’s role of overseeing FLE though Dhaakira is still handling event logistics!)

> She is based in Houston, TX (Bella - maybe you both are neighbors!)
> She officially starts this Friday, April 19
4. Catch me up

Illustration of a person reading a newspaper, on the visible pages are columns of text forming an upward trending bar graph

💡 Got an idea for an upcoming staff meeting or something fun we can do together virtually? Email Kelly.

🎫 The 2024 Page Annual Conference Registration Page is live! You can register members here!

🎒Mid-year performance check-ins will begin in May/June!

👀 Keep an eye on your inbox later this week for our staff offsite agenda!!
What’s the Leadership Team focused on?

Brain in a thought bubble

Mostly the offsite and how they will spend their time together.

Why it matters: Because they want to maximize their time together and drive impactful outcomes. They will aim to enhance team cohesion, foster creativity and align on strategic goals while ensuring their limited time together is utilized effectively and meaningfully (same for the full team!)

Specific topics that they are considering:

> How we are working as a Leadership Team

> Brainstorms around specific topics like how to drive CCOs to Page!

> HR and Culture

> Deep dives into the strat plan issues that create cross-functionality