The New CCO: Transforming Enterprises in a Changing World
The New CCO - Mike Buckley on the Future of the CCO
Page Society "New CCO" Report Release & Panel Discussion - March 16, 2016

The CCO of today is at a critical inflection point. The environment in which enterprises operate is fraught with emergent challenges: new competitors reinventing traditional business models; changing demographic, regulatory, and sociopolitical conditions; new modes of work; and an ongoing paradigm shift in how individuals communicate with one another and engage more actively with organizations.

In The New CCO, the Page Society proposes a contemporary framework of the CCO role based on three core dimensions:

  • The Foundational CCO: The CCO is a strategic leader and counselor to the enterprise, capable of leading and advising with a broad stakeholder view in mind.
  • The CCO as Integrator: CCOs are breaking silos and emerging as leaders of and participants in cross-functional collaboration, both within the enterprise and across the C-Suite.
  • The CCO as Builder of Digital Engagement Systems: The CCO has an emerging opportunity to devise sophisticated enterprise-wide digital systems for managing engagement with stakeholders at all levels, internally and externally. This includes establishing an ability to engage constituents as individuals, primarily through the application of insights derived from data.

Just as in nature, the organizations that thrive are those most attuned to the conditions of their ecosystem and best able to adapt in ways that yield a competitive advantage. The CCO, as both monitor of environmental conditions and communicator across the enterprise, is at the center of much of the adaptation that takes place. CCOs are and will be increasingly central to their enterprises’ ability to adapt to these new realities, which places even greater urgency on the need for CCOs to expand the capabilities that fortify their role as critical enterprise leaders.