How many unread emails did you return to following this long holiday weekend? The number probably soared into triple digits.

Now, consider a future without any email. You return to the office from a holiday weekend and ask your computer to read your unread messages. The system’s AI runs an algorithm to determine each message’s priority and reads them to you accordingly. This future isn’t so distant.

On this edition of The New CCO podcast, we spoke with Alan Marks, CCO of ServiceNow, on the consumerization of work, what automation really means for the economy, and why establishing meaningful purpose and culture within organizations is more important than ever.

Here’s an excerpt from the episode:

“We’re all feeling a little anxious, asking, ‘Well, what part of my job may be automated?’ If I’m a salaried, professional, white-collar worker, what’s going to happen? Are companies just going to need fewer skilled people as well as unskilled people? That’s the broader discussion. We’ve got to look at the entire nature of work. What technology is driving now in the 21st century is the fundamental nature of work is changing and evolving in ways we’re just beginning to see and understand.”

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