Join us for a unique and empowering experience tailored for future leaders who are passionate about shaping the narrative and impact of communication. The Page Community celebrates the richness of diversity and understands unique perspectives communicators of color bring to the table. This exclusive fireside chat with Kelli Hammersmith, Chief Communications Officer of Advantage Solutions with Carmella Glover, Vice President of DE&I, Page and President, Diversity Action Alliance interviewing her. Kelli will shared her experiences, challenges and insights as a leader of color in the communications industry. She’s leading her company through a period of pivotal change, operationalizing its very own stories to inspire employees and transform the way they work, setting the business on a growth acceleration plan centered on a People First culture.

Key Takeaways

What you should share with your team:

  • The future generation of leaders: 30% of the workforce will be Gen Z by 2030, the most diverse generation in history. Leadership is needed to empower emerging leaders from all communities.
  • Transform company culture from the inside out: The best stories are the ones you live and prove because you have accountability and ownership for them. They come to life in how every stakeholder experiences you. 
  • Authentic commitment to DE&I is needed: Ensure your priorities align with your leadership before accepting the role. Inclusion is non-negotiable. 
  • Prioritize your values in job choices: Interview companies as thoroughly as they interview you, and only join those that align with your values to prevent constant conflict. Trusting a company means believing they'll help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Drive results with compassion: Empathize with the effect your work has on people's lives. Make your narrative personal and people-focused. Foster trust via transparency. Use leadership to unify your culture and convey your message.
  • Share results to demonstrate your intentions: Invest in responsibilities that reflect your character. Your story should live up to your actions.
  • You have a seat at the table: Be where you belong. Use your sphere of influence to impact in the way that you can.
  • Speak truth to power through data: Bring data-backed stories and ask questions to challenge mindsets, shifting the focus to leaders examining their own character and desired organizational identity. 
  • You have an opportunity to shape where we go: Remove obstacles and use your platform for good.