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For organizations and their leaders, the pandemic era has further blurred boundaries and broken barriers — between shareholders and stakeholders, employees and customers, business and politics, online and offline, work and home. As the borders of the enterprise become more permeable, so does the role of the Chief Communications Officer — in reducing risk, seizing opportunity, building inclusive cultures and creating enduring value. As CCOs rise to the occasion, how can we ensure we have the resources, skillset and mindset for sustainable success?


Join us at this year’s annual conference — in Toronto, the world’s most diverse city — to learn how CCOs are leading across borders, breaking boundaries and creating sustainable value for their organizations, and for themselves.


Registration Fee

The registration fee breakdown is tiered based on your membership type and how you will be joining us. Italicized numbers reflect the price change to expect after the early bird rates expire on July 31.


  • Corporate, Agency, Executive Search: $3,600 | $3,800
  • Non-Profit, Government, Retiree: $2,000 | $2,200
  • Educator: $1,400 | $1,600
  • Honoree: Complimentary
  • Spouse: $1,000
  • Dinner-Only: $495



  • Corporate, Agency, Executive Search: $1,250
  • Non-Profit, Government, Retiree: $750
  • Educator: $500
  • Honoree: Complimentary

Preconference Activity: Toronto Walking Tour

11:00am - 1:15pm

Welcome and Opening Interaction

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Daniel TischArgyle Public Relations
Brian LottMubadala Investment Company

A CEO Perspective on Creating Sustainable Value

2:30pm - 3:10pm

The Globe and Mail named Barbara Zvan as Canada's CEO of the Year and Corporate Citizen of the Year for 2022, in recognition of her sustainable finance leadership, including at the helm of a new pension plan for Ontario’s university sector. By incorporating responsible investing and radical accountability into UPP’s approach to building long-term value for its members, Zvan is raising the bar in bringing institutional strength to complex challenges while paving collaborative pathways for innovation and growth. Zvan will examine how leaders should think about the value they create, protect, or destroy, and address the central role of communication in engaging and aligning stakeholders around sustainability strategy.

Daniel TischArgyle Public Relations
Barbara ZvanUniversity Pension Plan (UPP)

Networking Break

3:10pm - 3:35pm

Leading with Impact: How to Build Alignment, Trust, and Credibility Across Your Organization

3:35pm - 5:05pm

Though strategic leadership was required before the world tilted on its axis, the imperative for new forms of CCO leadership is now considerably sharper. As CCOs help to shape business strategy, purpose, culture, and brand in a highly disruptive environment with multi-stakeholder demands, it’s not surprising that Page conference surveys frequently request sessions on leadership. Based on a 15-year longitudinal study of 3200 leaders, Ron Carucci, author of To Be Honest, will share the four major findings from his research and explain how participants can incorporate these imperatives into their ever-expanding CCO roles. In this interactive micro-workshop, Carucci will help participants build skills they need to be trusted advisors, strategists, mediators, bridge-builders, coaches, and deep influencers who build trustworthy reputations for themselves and the organizations they serve.

Ron CarucciNavalent


5:05pm - 5:15pm

Daniel TischArgyle Public Relations

New Member Reception

5:30pm - 6:00pm

All Members Reception

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Awards Dinner

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Networking Breakfast

8:00am - 9:00am

Welcome and Opening Interaction

9:00am - 9:25am

Daniel TischArgyle Public Relations

Breaking Down Solitudes

9:25am - 10:05am

The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, once a child immigrant to Canada from Haiti, rose through poverty and hardship to excel in journalism before making history as the first Governor General of Canada of African descent. Her life motto, "Breaking down solitudes, refers to the barriers that confine people because of age, race, origin, language, sex, or ability. Michaëlle Jean passionately believes in the necessity to mobilize a broad spectrum of humanity, forging connections and nurturing synergies that may seem unlikely but prove to be tangibly productive and rewarding. In her inspirational keynote address, she will offer her unique insights on the crucial role of CCOs in transcending borders and boundaries, crafting sustainable value within organizations, and extending that impact beyond.

Right Honourable Michaëlle JeanCanada (2005-2010)

The CCO’s Pivotal C-Suite Role in Stakeholder Value Creation

10:05am - 11:00am

Page is participating in the Institute for Real Growth (IRG) and Oxford University’s Said Business School’s global C-Suite study on how organizational leaders maximize value creation for the broadest set of stakeholders. The project will produce insights, recommendations and resources for leaders interested in driving more humanized growth. In this session, the study's leader will present overall findings and those specific to CCOs, followed by a conversation among a panel of C-Suite leaders. Attendees will then break into small groups to discuss the session’s insights and how they’ll put them into practice. *Steve Brass will be live streamed into the conference room.

Roger BoltonPage
Steve BrassWD-40 Company
Marc de Swaan AronsInstitute for Real Growth (IRG)
Linda RutherfordSouthwest Airlines

Networking Break

11:00am - 11:30am

AI: A New Frontier for Communication

11:30am - 12:10pm

This august panel of experts will delve into societal, legal and technological aspects of AI, touching upon issues that are relevant to communicators such as ethics, intellectual property, and societal change. AI holds promise and perils for all of us and communication functions are likely to experience significant transformations as it develops. A focus on current and future impacts and applications will help you build a framework for the actions you should be taking now in your organization.

Alexander GeiserFGS Global Inc.
Dex Hunter-TorrickeGoogle DeepMind
Steven WeberBreakwater Strategy

Networking Lunch

12:10pm - 1:10pm

The Unconference

1:10pm - 3:30pm

What’s an unconference? It’s a format designed to maximize peer-to-peer learning. While our impressive roster of experts will inspire us in our general sessions, this part of the conference prioritizes the significant value of the wisdom Page member participants bring to the event. There are no scheduled speeches, workshops, or panels in the unconference. Instead, you, the participants, bring topic questions to explore, an “agenda” is designed on the spot, and everyone self-organizes into conversations to collaboratively explore the issues through lively conversations. Everyone is free to move between conversations throughout the unconference period. Does it sound too unstructured and chaotic? No worries! There is a “liberating structure” to make it all work. We’ve very successfully used this approach in previous Page events and judging by our past evaluations, you’ll be surprised and pleased with these fun and informative sessions.

The Unconference Virtual Participants Only

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Networking Break

3:30pm - 4:00pm

Charting a Course for Reducing Political Polarization

4:00pm - 4:55pm

This panel will provide a prismatic perspective on combating polarization in political discourse, including the forces of populism, and the quality and accuracy of information. Patricia Audi left her position as a corporate communicator to lead Renova BR, a Brazilian NGO focused on training aspiring politicians how to engage in effective dialogue and reduce polarizing politics in Brazil. Ken Mehlman was Campaign Manager for President Bush's successful 2004 re-election campaign. Now a partner at KKR, he focuses on public policy, geopolitics, sustainability, and commercial solutions to global challenges. Outside of work, Ken is very active in bipartisan social reform efforts. Former Editor-in-Chief for The Wall Street Journal, Matt Murray will offer his perspective from the crucial juncture of journalism, politics, and business. You will leave this session with a wealth of ideas on how to effectively navigate political polarization with integrity and positive impact.

Jon ErlichmanBloomberg Markets & CTV National News
Matt MurrayNews Corp.
Ken MehlmanKKR Global Impact
Patricia AudiRenovaBR


4:55pm - 5:10pm

Daniel TischArgyle Public Relations

Networking Reception

5:30pm - 6:15pm

Networking Dinner

6:15pm - 7:30pm

Boat Cruise - Optional

8:00pm - 10:30pm

Networking Breakfast

7:30am - 8:30am

Welcome and Opening Interaction

8:30am - 8:45am

Daniel TischArgyle Public Relations

Reflections on Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Age

8:45am - 9:30am

Andrew Willis, one of Canada’s top business journalists and a former senior vice president of communications, will sit down with Susan Senecal, one of the CEOs included in his new book, Unprecedented. Together, they will examine the extraordinary leadership demands on organizations during and after the pandemic. In 30 years at the company and five as CEO, Senecal has helped position A&W at the leading edge of ESG themes such as food quality and supplier transparency. With this unique long-term perspective, she will discuss how the social reckonings of recent years have changed her own approach to leadership – and how the role of CEO is evolving with radical shifts in the business environment.

Susan SenecalA&W Food Services of Canada Inc.
Andrew WillisReport on Business at The Globe and Mail

On Racism, Inclusion and Reconciliation: Breaking Barriers through Partnerships

9:30am - 10:15am

While research consistently proves that diverse organizations thrive, there are still many barriers to inclusion. This provocative conversation brings together two leaders building stronger relationships between business and underrepresented communities. Dahabo Ahmed-Omer will discuss initiatives such as BlackNorth’s CEO pledge - a public commitment by CEOs that their companies follow seven specific actions to address anti-Black racism. Michael Jacobs will showcase how the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) helps align the Indigenous business community with the global economy. This session will inspire and activate ideas to enhance your organization’s strategy and relationships with equity-deserving communities – for mutual benefit.

Sheryl BattlesPitney Bowes Inc.
Michael JacobsCambium Indigenous Professional Services
Dahabo Ahmed-OmerBlacknorth Initiative

Peer Connection

10:15am - 10:35am

Networking Break

10:35am - 11:05am

Leadership, Comedy and Culture: Lessons from Second City

11:05am - 12:15pm

While many businesses talk about the importance of culture, few actually provide any sort of scaffolding upon which culture can be built and maintained. Author, Speaker and Producer Kelly Leonard says culture is an improvisational art. He will draw from his best-selling book "Yes, And," to provide a compelling and interactive session on how improvisation practices can help embed the kind of behaviors that promote an organizational culture that is fearless, caring and adaptable. He will share specific exercises and practices you can enact within your organization to demystify culture, creativity and innovation and build knowledge of how the principles of comedy can enhance your work culture.

Kelly LeonardThe Second City


12:15pm - 12:30pm

Daniel TischArgyle Public Relations

Networking Lunch

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Post Conference Activity University of Toronto Tour - Optional

2:00pm - 12:16am

Cancellation Policy

Our policy is to refund 50% of the conference fee if canceled 31 days in advance of the scheduled start of the event. There will be no refunds, in whole or in part, for cancellations received within 30 days of the event.Registration fees are non-transferable. Cancellation for COVID-related reasons will be eligible for full refunds. All other cancellations will follow our standard cancellation policy.

COVID-19 Policy

Page continues to review and revise this policy based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and local jurisdiction guidance on COVID-19. Requirements will be updated accordingly.

Based on current guidance, the following rules now apply to participants at in-person Page meetings and conferences (attendees, speakers, staff and vendors):

  • Participants are required to follow all government requirements, including local, state and/or national requirements where the event is held.
  • It is recommended that participants are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, as outlined by the CDC or local jurisdiction, if the event is outside the U.S.

In addition, participants are asked to avoid participation if:

  • They have tested positive for COVID-19 and have not yet completed a CDC-recommended isolation period, or the equivalent as outlined by the local jurisdiction if outside the U.S.; or
  • They have COVID-19 symptoms.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19, please test to ensure you are not infected before your participation.