About the Event

Topic:Building on two recent Think Thursday sessions – one on the Updated Business Roundtable Purpose Statement and the other on the WEF Davos Meeting – the Harris Poll (Page Up Member Rob Jekielek) has offered to host a Page exclusive webinar on a recent research study that addresses many of the core themes and areas of interest from those discussions.

The Harris Poll will help guide and moderate the discussion, but as with all Think Thursday sessions, the focus will be on peer-sharing of real world communications implications and actions.

Some key question the webinar/ discussion will address include:

How in/ out of touch does society see companies today?
How much public resonance did the updated Business Roundtable statement on company purpose have? (Hint: 10-20X what you would expect)
Which companies and industries were more closely associated/ got most credit?
How confident is the public that companies can serve more than shareholders? How does that confidence differ by industry?
What are the top triggers that makes each generation (e.g. Gen Z vs. Boomers) believe that companies are relevant (or irrelevant) to society today?