About the Event

August 9 -  Moderators: Ethan McCarty & Marvin Hill (Humana)
"Topic: “Professional development” is bandied about as if we all have a common understanding of its meaning. Too bad we don’t! And yet, our teams look to us to provide it and we look to our organizations for support, which is often uneven at best. In this coming session of Think Thursday we will discuss the best professional development opportunities we’ve come across for ourselves and our teams and how to plan and budget for this critical work as leaders. Additionally, we will look for your input on Page Up’s professional development opportunities such as mentoring and exclusive content.  

Please come with one or two examples of professional development that worked for you and your team as well as a pressing professional development issue you are facing that we can address as a group.

Ethan McCarty, CEO at Integral Communications, and Marvin Hill, Strategic Consultant and National Public Relations Manager / Corporate Communications at Humana, will lead the discussion. "