About the Event

We would like to invite you to a Page Society event hosted by Page member Brad Staples of APCO Worldwide. The discussion over breakfast will be based around the topic:

The Old Rules No Longer Apply: Communications in An Age of Outspoken CEOs and Public Activism 

Chief Communication Officers face increasing challenges in navigating an environment where CEOs are more outspoken and go ‘off script’ publicly; consumers demand ethical public stances on political and environment issues; and tweets from Heads of State can wipe millions in value from a share price. How have the dynamics shifted? And how should CCOs decide how to react, now that traditional rules no longer apply and we live in an era of social media mass public activism and rapid responses ruling the day?


  • Sue Garrard, EVP, Sustainable Business & Communications of Unilever 
  • Simon McGee, former Press Secretary to Boris Johnson, UK Foreign Secretary
  • Matthew Parris, Columnist at The Times