An educator must: 

• Be employed in a full-time faculty position at an accredited institute of higher learning.

• Be regarded as a thought leader in public relations or corporate communications based upon a substantial body of work that has made a significant contribution to the profession. This could be demonstrated by these achievements or activities, but not limited to this set of criteria:

    • Significant published works, which may include academic and/or practitioner-oriented papers or articles, peer-reviewed or practitioner-oriented books on public relations or corporate communication, or meaningful corporate communication case studies.

    • College and university leadership positions, including leadership of an important college or university department or programs.

    • Demonstrated significant leadership in public relations or corporate communication professional associations.

    • Demonstrated leadership in Corporate Communication activities and/or research that advance diversity, equity, inclusion and/or other important goals for the field.

    • Objective measures of success, such as research awards (e.g., IPR Pathfinder Award, the PRSA Outstanding Educator Award), or teaching awards conferred by their home institutions.

• Possess an earned doctoral degree or the equivalent (e.g., Ph.D., Ed.D. or J.D.) or possess appropriate professional credentials and experience. (This is consistent with the hiring practices of leading colleges and universities throughout the world. Tenure-track faculty and professional or clinical faculty serve side-by-side to meet the needs of both students and the professions for which they are being prepared.) Educator members would be engaged in teaching, service, and mentorship full-time.

The educator sub-committee approves in principle of an exception to the one-member-per-school rule. The sub-committee reserves the right to consider and pass to the full Membership Committee, academics who otherwise meet Page Society membership criteria, even though that candidate’s home institution may already include another Page member.