What if your CEO’s name were travoltarized? Issue a press statement? Clarify on the corporate website?  Ignore it? Or…go with it?

The “go with it” option is what the communicators of a Broadway show did, when the star’s name was mangled by John Travolta during the Oscars. Grasping an opportunity, the star—Idina Menzel—renamed herself in the show’s playbill, to the best possible spelling of Travolta’s introduction. Read the story if you haven’t, and think: What if one of our corporate people became the focus of a goofy situation? Of course, this is fun and fantasy. Certainly, the C-suite is not always exactly show business, but as corporate communicators are surrounded by the new waves of stakeholder connectivity, anything is possible. And, a communicator’s sense of opportunity coupled with a leadership sense of humor may not be exactly out of place.

What do you think? Seriously, care to comment on the new, viral level of stakeholder connectivity?