Members of the Page Community recently gathered for an in-person regional event in London, sponsored by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). The event featured three presentations: on culture and change management, by Roger Bolton and David Mounde; one on mis- and disinformation, presented by Mikey Hoare, Sophia Gaston and Robin Brant; and a final session on the new geopolitical risk environment, by Tina McCorkindale.

CCO Cultural Change & Management:  Authenticity is a cornerstone, a necessity — not a preference. 

  • Every facet of an organization must be aligned to its values to ensure authenticity in communication; reputation is earned through actions, not just words.
  • In shepherding organizations through change, CCOs need to evolve into strategic architects, understanding whether and how strategy is aligned with values.

Navigating the Disinformation Terrain: Collaboration and partnerships emerged as vital tools in combating disinformation, emphasizing the importance of not letting propagators dictate the arena of the fight.

  • Business need to proactively build resilience and credibility, monitoring spaces traditionally overlooked.
  • Moreover, understanding the motivations of propagators and having a comprehensive plan in place is essential in the battle against misinformation.

New Geopolitical Risk Supercycle: Geopolitical shifts are no longer distant occurrences but immediate factors influencing businesses. Fortune favors the prepared, and this adage rings true in the ever-changing geopolitical landscape.

  • Operationalizing geopolitical strategies within organizations is imperative to staying ahead of a crisis.
  • Prepare for a range of scenarios, but not at the cost of recognizing risks in plain sight.

Final Thoughts

  • As the communication landscape evolves, the key lies in adapting, aligning, and staying one step ahead of the challenges.
  • By embracing authenticity, countering disinformation, and understanding geopolitical shifts, CCOs can not only navigate the changing terrain but also lead their organizations towards a future marked by trust, credibility, and resilience.

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