As organizations respond to these unprecedented challenges, the core characteristics of the CCO role are coming to the forefront. The decisions made during this time will show the true character of leadership. Use the mission of your organization to guide the response as it unfolds in multiple timelines around the world.  

Page and Page Up members gathered on an April 7th Hot Topics call to discuss the global response to the pandemic and what are the new guiding principles in a time like this. Some takeaways:

  1. This crisis is catapulting the role of CCO to the forefront. Empathy, respect, humanity and transparency are qualities that communications professionals know how to bring to an organization, and are crucial for these times.
  2. Reassuring staff as they work remotely is key. Existing town hall/stand up meetings will take on new importance as employees battle misinformation and seek clear guidance from a trusted source. Remote work is actually bringing people closer together as we see into their homes and personal lives - beware of “Zoom fatigue” though.
  3. Diverse crisis means a dynamic crisis response. Shifting timelines, different markets’ risk/exposure and varied government response means there is no one way to handle the crisis. Mission and culture can unify an approach as we equip employees with the resources they now need; new social media guidelines, IT support and explainers on how they will be affected by new legislation.
  4. Post-Coronavirus crisis will emerge a more competitive market. The planning steps taken now will be repaid in spades during the rush to restart operations and will translate into a competitive advantage. Anticipate what markets will be harder hit (hospitality, travel) within different regions, analyzing the economic risk beyond Coronavirus.

Special thanks to host Dominic Keogh, General Manager, Global Corporate Communications at Ricoh; Holly Potter, CCO of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation; James Wright, Global Chairman of Havas and Elaine Ng, Head of Communications, ASEAN Pacific Philips, for contributing to an active discussion on the call with their informed perspectives.