Bloomberg has a very interesting article up today about Boeing's hiring of an external adviser to help it change its culture. It seems, according to the article, that design flaws in the 787 were unreported, causing serious delays.

“The 787 has tarnished the company's reputation," said Pat Shanahan, who runs Boeing Commercial production and development.

“We need to establish and show people what we can do technically and be predictable about it. Jim recognizes that and wants to get us back to this hallmark, so we can be recognized as innovators and as executors."

The piece focuses on a culture at the company that apparently makes staff members unwilling to ask for help or come forward about problems. So Boeing has retained the Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group to help it fix the problem, a task that could take up to two years, according to a principal of the firm.

This will be a fascinating case study as the company evolution unfolds. Hopefully we will learn what internal stakeholders are at the table of this process. A strong and empowered communications leadership will be essential to its success.