Former climate scientist and Mexico City mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, won by a landslide to become Mexico’s first female President. Her Morena party also secured governorship and congressional majorities, paving the way for significant reforms. Hear Ryan Berg's insights on how to navigate the complexities of this new era.


What you should know: 

  • Shift from Political Liberalism: Claudia Sheinbaum’s victory and the Morena party securing a dominant position in government marks a significant departure from political liberalism and plurality in Mexico. This raises concerns about the future trajectory of Mexico's democratic institutions and its impact on stability and foreign relations.
  • US-Mexico Relations: There are concerns that Sheinbaum's presidency and Morena's control could strain U.S.-Mexico relations, particularly around trade, migration, and security. The upcoming USMCA review in 2026 may face challenges due to differing perspectives on renegotiation and bilateral cooperation.
  • Judicial Reforms and Rule of Law: Sheinbaum's proposed reforms to make the Mexican judiciary elected rather than independent, poses risks to the rule of law and governance stability. These reforms could potentially open the door for organized crime to influence the judicial system, which will ultimately impact how businesses operate and navigate legal frameworks in Mexico.

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