Arthur W. Page Society

Spring Seminar – Worth the Time!

I attended the Arthur W. Page Society Spring Seminar in New York a couple weeks ago, as well as the Learning Community event just before the seminar. Wow, so much great content and conversations, where do I begin?

Peter Thonis, EVP & CCO for Verizon, set the bar for the event high with the keynote at the Learning Community. In his down-to-earth and authentic style, Peter shared wisdom and key learnings he has acquired over his extensive career:

Employees are king

Both during the Learning Community session and the Seminar, the theme of the increasing importance of employees was evident:

Some companies are leading the pack in terms of social business and helping employees be positive advocates for the company externally:

As a professional focused on employee communication and engagement, I am excited! Because employees now have the power to impact a company’s reputation in an instant, it is now an even more urgent business imperative to engage employees. Not only do engaged employees help the bottom line through improved productivity and collaboration, having engaged employees can prevent a major PR breakdown. A recent powerful example of this was the disgruntled and clearly disengaged former executive from Goldman Sachs whose Op-Ed in the NY Times knocked two billion off of the company’s market value, overnight.

What this all comes down to is the importance of integrity and authenticity in the business world. I would be remiss if I did not mention the unveiling of the new model for activating corporate character & authentic advocacy by the Arthur W. Page Society. If you haven’t read it yet, you should. The Page Society is not only adapting to the changes that transparency is forcing on the corporate world, it is leading the way and showing us how to do it right!

By Barbara Fagan-Smith
ROI Communication

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