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Deepening Stakeholder Relationships Through CommTech with SocialChorus

This post is sponsored by SocialChorus as part of the Page Patrons program.  

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be joined by Nicole Alvino, Co-founder and Chief Strategy officer of SocialChorus, for a webinar on ‘Deepening Stakeholder Relationships Through CommTech’. We discussed how my team at Providence uses CommTech to amplify our communications to play a strategic role driving our business forward. SocialChorus, a Page Patron, is a long-time partner of mine at Providence as we use their platform to orchestrate a multi-channel, personalized approach to reaching our 120,000+ employees operating multiple hospitals, clinics, health offerings and social services across the West coast.   

Communication challenges within large, complex organizations

At Providence, we are a fast growing, dynamic health organization. As Chief Communication Officer, I lead our team with the mindset that we are competing for our caregivers’ time. We need to reach all employees at Providence with content as compelling as what we use to reach our patients and consumers. I was beginning to grow more frustrated that no matter how great we thought our content was, we couldn’t really measure who was engaging with it and what impact it had on helping shape our culture and meeting the goals of the organization.   

That is why after evaluating multiple vendors, we decided to partner with SocialChorus to use their multi-channel, campaign-driven approach to deliver intentional communications that we can measure. They were the partner in the space who, beyond having the best technology, truly had vision and passion for transforming communications.

Keys to success with CommTech

When we think about CommTech, we think about ensuring that we’re creating measurable capability to meet our audience where they are. At Providence, we went all in on the Microsoft 365 experience, rolling out Microsoft Teams just before COVID really hit. With SocialChorus, we can streamline all publishing and deliver personalized communications to our employee’s preferred channel/location. We can publish to Sharepoint, email, our SocialChorus mobile app, and even directly within Microsoft Teams. This approach allows us to run campaigns and measure our communications across all these endpoints in a way we couldn’t do with Microsoft alone.  

Using CommTech to ensure your communications drive the business forward

Being able to measure communications is critical for us. As an example, we execute an annual survey across the organization to measure our caregiver’s confidence in the future success of Providence. Our goal is to positively impact this confidence score. We’ll soon be able to clearly see the impact of our communications and content influencing caregiver confidence in the organization, down to the unit level. With that visibility, we’ll be able to take quick action when we identify segments of our workforce needing a boost in engagement. We’re very excited about the potential when we’re fully implemented across our entire organization. 

A strong community

I hope you’ll find the webinar and Q&A at the end helpful. CommTech can feel a bit daunting, but if you keep the right objectives in mind, CommTech will be a game-changer for you and your organization. If you have any questions about our experience, please reach out directly.

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